Australian Turkish Friendship Memorial Sculpture

The Australian Turkish Friendship Memorial Sculpture, Seeds of Friendship, marks the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings. Located on Birdwood Avenue in the Kings Domain, Melbourne and in close proximity to the Shrine of Remembrance, the memorial creates a place for contemplation on the impact of war, and provides a platform for current and future generations from both Australia and Turkey to reflect on the respect and friendship resulting from a shared history.
The sculpture's final form and materiality is one that is representative of this relationship. A sweeping 3.8 metre curve of interwoven stainless steel strands symbolises the laying of a commemorative wreath, while two hand carved granite stone seed cones - a pine from Turkey which is synonymous with the battlefields of Gallipoli and the form of an Australian casuarina seed - lay side by side to represent the fallen from both sides of the conflict. A circular ground plane unifies the various design elements, with prominent inscriptions sourced from from two eminent figures engraved around the edges of the granite base.

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