Jacaranda Village

Jacaranda Village, Victoria

Jacaranda Village is a residential care facility located in Red Cliffs providing 75 residential aged care beds. The model of care is based on the Eden Alternative philosophy which adopts a person-centred approach to care and, in particular, aims to facilitate residents to make choices in their daily lives which prevents feelings of boredom and loneliness.

The design requirements of this philosophy have resulted in replicating elements that one finds living in a local community: a shopping arcade, cafe, milk bar, newsagency, hairdressers, a post office and child play areas which will encourage visits by families with children. The architectural language of the village is residential and provides intimate and communal internal and external spaces. The layout is composed of interlinked houses with their own internal courtyards, each house is identified by its form and facade treatment, which is linked to the communal and street precinct areas that have courtyards and gardens allowing residents to wander freely.

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