Kingston Centre

Kingston Centre, Kingston

Supporting a person-centred care service plan is the focus for the Kingston Centre redevelopment, where patients, residents and their carers are considered an integral part of the healthcare team. Person-centred care has implications for every aspect of clinical practice and - when developed to maximise its potential - helps to define how patients, residents and carers interact with providers, how clinical services are structured and how facilities are designed and maintained.

Tectura has undertaken campus masterplanning, feasibility studies and schematic design for the Kingston Centre in association with STH. Facilities include 370 sub-acute beds, plus extensive ambulatory care services, specialist diagnostics, mental health & aged care facilities.Stage 2, which includes a new hydrotherapy centre, community rehabilitation centre and 64 inpatient beds and associated rehabilitation services, is due for completion in late 2011.

Client: Department of Health; Southern Health

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