Tectura is a multi-disciplined architectural practice based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 1991 by Serdar Baycan, the practice specialises in the design of public and private buildings that are expressive of and responsive to human needs within their cultural context, in Australia and internationally. The practice’s focus is to collaborate with our clients and project stakeholders, as well as bring creative and technical expertise to our projects, with particular attention to the application of sustainable design principles.


"Most design solutions are to be found in nature, it is generally a matter of physics, with natural light and the interplay of forces"

Areas of design expertise include:

  • healthcare and hospitals
  • education for primary, secondary and tertiary learning
  • community spaces
  • arts and cultural projects
  • recreation facilities
  • aged care facilities
  • residential projects
  • commercial projects
  • urban design  

The Principals, Serdar Baycan and Elizabeth Grigg have a dedicated interest in understanding the policy background and social, cultural and operational context for its public projects. The practice also has a culture of research and innovation and consistently develops new approaches to bring successful solutions to projects.

Tectura’s architectural expertise extends beyond the components of a building to a site’s physical and cultural significance and its context within a community. This often leads to an organic and innovative design response.

The scope of our projects range in size from small to large-scale and the services Tectura offers includes:

  • feasibility studies
  • master planning
  • project co-ordination, management & procurement advice
  • schematic and developed design
  • contract documentation
  • tender preparation, evaluation and management
  • contract administration



Serdar Baycan                 

As Tectura’s founding Director, Serdar, an architect with 25 years’ experience, provides design leadership to the practice. A master of his brief, Serdar’s innovative design approach and excellent problem solving skills provides a valuable asset to clients.

His interest in design innovation in the built form utilising sustainable design principles seeks to further the quality and care of the environment whilst creating better places for people in our community.


Elizabeth Grigg   

As a Principal of Tectura, with qualifications in Media and Healthcare, Elizabeth has a client briefing and functional planning role for projects. Elizabeth is the Director of Strategic Planning with experience in facility planning, health care policy, industrial relations & organisational review. She specialises in project stakeholder consultation, community consultation and functional planning. Her consultative process elicits a client brief that is customer focused with regard to client requirements.

Our History

After an early career in a senior role in large commercial practices during the eighties, Serdar opened Tectura in 1991 with a passion for the design of public buildings and a desire to improve the social fabric of our community. Developing a profile in the design of community, health and education facilities, in particular, the practice has operated for over 20 years.

Tectura’s working history has resulted in a refined understanding of health policies, medical technologies, models of care service delivery, teaching and learning methodologies, as well as environmental and economic sustainability issues.