After an early career in senior roles in large commercial practices, Serdar Baycan established Tectura in 1991, driven by a passion for the design of public buildings and a desire to improve the social fabric of our community. Over the past 25 years Serdar and the Tectura team have built a substantial portfolio of community, health and education facilities. Tectura’s working history has resulted in a refined understanding of health policies, medical technologies, models of care service delivery, teaching and learning methodologies, as well as environmental and economic sustainability issues.

Our Directors

Serdar Baycan
Serdar Baycan
Tectura’s founding director, Serdar, provides design leadership to the practice. With over 25 years’ experience in the design and delivery of urban environments and complex public buildings, Serdar has become a master of his brief. His innovative design approach and excellent problem solving skills are valuable assets to clients. Serdar is passionate about design innovation in the built form and has particular expertise in the urban planning and development of ‘green’, energy-efficient buildings and their surrounds. His vision is to reduce environmental impact while bettering the built spaces for people in our community.
Elizabeth Grigg
Elizabeth Grigg
Elizabeth is one of Tectura’s principals and the Director of Strategic Planning. She has qualifications in Media and Healthcare as well as experience in facility planning, health care policy, industrial relations, project and program management, and organisational review. With her experience in policy development and healthcare consultancy, Elizabeth brings a unique perspective to our facility development projects.  Her consultative process elicits a client brief that is customer focused with a high regard for client requirements.


Tectura offers schematic and developed design, drafting and project architecture services, with particular expertise in the design of Community, Health Care and Education facilities. Our commitment to design quality is embedded in our methodology. We put a strong emphasis on consultation and developing the functional design brief, and give regular and constructive feedback to project stakeholders regarding the progress of the design. We design healthy buildings that maximise natural light and ventilation to promote the wellbeing of users. Our commitment to design quality and environmental performance has led to Tectura achieving awards in design and environmental sustainability.


The services and expertise offered by Tectura include business/service planning, interior design, site investigations, master planning, feasibility studies, schematic design, developed design, contract documentation, project procurement contract advice, tender preparation, evaluation and management, and contract administration to project completion. We specialise in the following sectors: Specialist Health Hospitals, aged care, mental health, family health, rehabilitation centres Public Buildings Trade and exhibition centres, public halls, libraries, community centres Education and Research Schools, tertiary education, lecture theatres, laboratories, research Master Planning Eco cities, civic precincts, education precincts, health precincts Recreation Stadiums, sporting facilities, swimming pools, gymnasiums Hospitality Commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias